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  71.  Insights into riverscape dynamics with the hydrological, ecological and social dimensions for water sustenance (Pdf) 
  70.  Phosphate Loading and Foam Formation in Urban Lakes (Pdf) 
  69.  Heavy Metal in the Food Chain - Consequences of Polluting Water Bodies (Pdf) 
  68.  Efficacy of Rejuvenation of Lakes in Bengaluru (Pdf) 
  67.  Dynamics of Metal Pollution in Sediment and Macrophytes of Varthur Lake, Bangalore (Pdf) 
  66.  Diversity of Phytoplankton in Lakes of Bangalore, Karnataka, India (Pdf) 
  65.  Appraisal of Environmental Health and Ecohydrology of Free-Flowing Aghanashini River, Karnataka, India (Pdf) 
 64  India's Silicon Valley Faces Man-Made Water Crisis (Pdf) 
 63.  As flood waters rise, is urban sprawl as much to blame as climate change? (Pdf) 
 62.  Insights to bioprocess and treatment competence of urban wetlands (Pdf) 
 61.  Frequent Floods : Causes and Remedial Measures (Pdf) 
 60.  Phosphorus Capture, Immobilization and Channeling Through Algae for a Sustainable Agriculture (Pdf) 
 59.  Bioremediation potential of Macrophytes in Jakkur Wetland, Bangalore (Pdf) 
 58.  Fire and Foaming in Lakes of Bengaluru: Causes and Remedial Measures (Pdf) 
 57.  Geo-spatial Technologies for Prudent Management of Riverine Ecosystems (Pdf) 
 56.  Frequent Floods: Causes and Remedial Measures (Pdf) 
 55.  Optimal Treatment of Domestic Wastewater through Constructed Wetlands (Pdf) 
 54.  Assessment of Physico-chemical Integrity of Lotic Ecosystems in Central Western Ghats through Multivariate Techniques (Pdf) 
 53.  Decaying Lakes of Bengaluru and Today’s Irrational Decision Makers (Pdf) 
 52.  City of Burning Lakes: Experts Fear Bangalore will be Uninhabitable by 2025 (Pdf) 
 51.  Conservation of Wetlands for Ensuring Regional Water Security (Pdf) 
 50.  Wetlands:Kidney of Bangalore's Landscape (Pdf) 
 49.  Nutrient Enrichment and Proliferation Of Invasive Macrophytes in Urban Lakes (Pdf) 
 48.  Wetlands of Greater Bangalore, India: Automatic Delineation through Pattern Classifiers (Pdf) 
 47.  Natural Aquatic Ecosystem of India (Pdf)
 46.  Urban Floods: Case Study of Bangalore (Pdf)
 45.  Ecological Approach for Mitigation of Urban Flood Risks (Pdf)
 44.  Conservation of Wetlands to Mitigate Urban Floods (Pdf)
43. Treatment efficacy of algae-based sewage treatment plants (Pdf)
42. Euglena sp. as a Suitable Source of Lipids for Potential use as Biofuel and Sustainable Wastewater Treatment (Pdf)
41. Biomonitoring to assess the efficacy of restoration and management of urban water bodies (Pdf)
40. Influence of Catchment Land cover dynamics on the physical, chemical and biological integrity of wetlands (Pdf)
39. Sustainable Algal scum Management and Wastewater treatment in Bangalore (Pdf)
38. Nutrient removal of Secondary Treated Water through Algal ponds (Pdf)
37. Conservation and Management of Wetlands: Requisite Strategies (Pdf)
36. Impact of Indiscriminate Disposal of Untreated Effluents from Thermal Power Plant on Water Resources (Pdf)
35. Monitoring Aquatic Macroinvertebrates as Indicators for Assessing the Health of Lakes in Bangalore, Karnataka (Pdf)
34. Spatial Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Kerala, India (Pdf)
33. Ecological and socio-economic assessment of Varthur wetland, Bengaluru (India) (Pdf)
32. Economic Valuation of Wetlands (Pdf)
31. C:N ratio of Sediments in a sewage fed Urban Lake (Pdf)
30. Assessment of Treatment capabilities of Varthur Lake, Bangalore, India (Pdf)
29. Role of macrophytes in a sewage fed urban lake (Pdf)
28. Water treatment potential in relation to phytoplankton dynamics in tropical sewage-fed urban water bodies (Pdf)
27. Evaluation of the Quality of Drinking Water in Kerala State, India (Pdf)
26. Algal Photosynthetic Dynamics in Urban Lakes under Stress Conditions (Pdf)
25. Sustainability and treatment potentials of an urban sewage-fed lake in Bangalore, India (Pdf)
24. NR budget and sustainable N-recovery in a sewage fed urban waterbody - case study of Varthur Lake, Bangalore (Pdf)
23. Optimal Nutrient Management through Algal and Macrophyte Interplay in an Urban Lake in Bangalore (Pdf)
22. Environment Education for Ecosystem Conservation (Pdf)
21. Nitrogen and Carbon Flows through Bellandur Lake (Pdf)
20. Impact of Urbanisation on the Interconnectivity of Wetlands (Pdf)
19. Spatial Analysis and Characterisation of Lentic Ecosystems: A Case Study of Varthur Lake, Bangalore (Pdf)
18. Spatial Variation of Physico-Chemical and Hydrological Parameters with Land-Use in Venkatapura Catchment,Karnataka (Pdf)
17. Conservation of wetlands of India � a review (Pdf)
16. Conservation Values of Wetlands (Pdf)
15. Sahyadri : Western Ghats Biodiversity Information System (Pdf)
14. Aquatic Ecosystems : Conservation, Restoration and Management (Pdf)
13. Water Quality Status of Sharavathi River Basin, Western Ghats (Pdf)
12. Water, Soil and Sediment Investigations to Explore the Status and Management Options of Aquatic Ecosystem (Pdf)
11. Fish Homicide by Civic Authorities: Latest Episode of Euthanasia (Pdf)
10. Wetlands Restoration and Conservation (Pdf)
9. Status of Wetlands in Bangalore and its Conservation aspects (Pdf)
8. Status of Bangalore Wetlands: Strategies for Restoration, Conservation and Management (Pdf)
7. Restoration And Management Strategies Of Wetlands In Developing Countries (Pdf)
6. Fish Mortality in Bangalore Lakes, India (Pdf)
5. River Valley Projects Impact Assessment (Pdf)
4. Effective Wetland Management Using GIS (Pdf)
3. Studying Water Pollution Through Fish Assessment (Pdf)
2. Water,soil and Sediment investigations to explore status of aquatic ecosystem (Pdf)
1. Aspects of Agriculture and Irrigation In Karnataka (Pdf)

40. ENVIS Technical Report 139 : Eco-Management of Muchlukodu Subramanya Temple Pond and Neelavara Shri Krishna Temple Pond, Udup (Pdf)
39. ENVIS Technical Report 136 : Carrying Capacity of Netravathi River Basin Based on the Ecological Sensitiveness (Pdf)
38. ENVIS Technical Report 134 : Unabated Violations in Agara Bellandur Wetland (Pdf)
37. ENVIS Technical Report 133 : Integrated Watershed Management for Water & Food Security in Kolar and Chikballapur Districts, Karnatakas (Pdf)
36. ENVIS Technical Report 131 : Koramangala Floods: Causes (Pdf)
35. ENVIS Technical Report 129 : Profile of Rivers in Karnataka (Pdf)
34. ENVIS Technical Report 124 : Constructed Wetlands for Tertiary Treatment of Wastewater (Pdf)
33. ENVIS Technical Report 123 : Frequent Floods in Bangalore: Causes and Remedial Measures (Pdf)
32. ENVIS Technical Report 122 : Rejuvenation Blueprint for Lakes in Vrishabhavathi Valley (Pdf)
31. ENVIS Technical Report 119 : Status of Arekere wetlands (Pdf)
30. ENVIS Technical Report 116 : Bellandur and Varthur Lakes Rejuvenation Blueprint (Pdf)
29. ENVIS Technical Report 114 : Water Situation in Bengaluru (Pdf)
28. ENVIS Technical Report 108 : Foaming or Algal Bloom in Water Bodies of India: Remedial Measures - Restrict Phosphate (P) Based Detergents (Pdf)
27. ENVIS Technical Report 105 : Recurring Fish Mortality Episodes in Bangalore Lakes (Pdf)
26. ENVIS Technical Report 104 : Devarabisanahalli Lake: Path Towards Ecological Restoration (Pdf)
25. ENVIS Technical Report 101 : Wetlands: Treasure of Bangalore (Pdf)
24. ENVIS Technical Report 99 : Rejuvenation and Sustainable Management of Gokarna temple Pond - Kotiteertha (Pdf)
23. ENVIS Technical Report 95 : Detrimental Landuse changes in Agara-Bellandur Wetland (Pdf)
22. ENVIS Technical Report 93 : Varthur Lake: Pathetic Status of Wetlands in Bangalore (Pdf)
21. ENVIS Technical Report 86 : Fish Mortality in Jakkur Lake: Causes and Remedial Measures (Pdf)
20. ENVIS Technical Report 85 : Vanishing Lakes Interconnectivity & Violations in Valley Zone (Pdf)
19. ENVIS Technical Report 83 : Agony of Chikkabettahalli Lake, Vidyaranyapura, Bruhat Bangalore (Pdf)
18. ENVIS Technical Report 77 : Environment Monitoring in the Neighbourhood (Pdf)
17. ENVIS Technical Report 76 : Integrated Wetlands Ecosystem: Sustainable Model to Mitigate Water Crisis in Bangalore (Pdf)
16. ENVIS Technical Report 74 : Sankey Lake: Waiting for an Immediate Sensible action (Pdf)
15. ENVIS Technical Report 73 : Efficacy of Current Restoration Approaches- Bangalore Wetlands (Pdf)
14. ENVIS Technical Report 72 : Environmental Auditing of Bangalore Wetlands (Pdf)
13. ENVIS Technical Report 55 : Conservation of Bellandur Wetlands: Obligation of Decision makers to Ensure Intergenerational Equity (Pdf)
12. ENVIS Technical Report 52 : Ecological Profile of Sharavathi River Basin (Pdf)
11. ENVIS Technical Report 32 : Conservation and Management of Urban Wetlands: Strategies and Challenges (Pdf)
10. ENVIS Technical Report 27 : Environmental Impact of Developmental Activities in the Bellandur Lake catchment (Pdf)
9. ENVIS Technical Report 26 : Present status of Gottigere Tank : Indicator of Decision maker�s apathy (Pdf)
8. ENVIS Technical Report 25 : Ecological Assessment of Lentic Water Bodies of Bangalore (Pdf)
7. ENVIS Technical Report 23 : Water Quality Status of Sharavathi River Basin, Western Ghats (Pdf)
6. ENVIS Technical Report 21 : Water, Soil and Sediment Characterization: Sharavathi River Basin, Western Ghats (Pdf)
5. CES Technical Report 133: Waterscape of Kerala - characterisation of surface, well and tap water in all districts (Pdf)
4. CES Technical Report 102: Status of Varthur Lake: Opportunities for Restoration and Sustainable Management (Pdf)
3. CES Technical Report 101: Economic Valuation of Wetlands (Pdf)
2. CES Technical Report 86: Status of Wetlands in Bangalore (Pdf)
1. CiSTUP Technical Report 1 : Urban Lake Monitoring and Management (Pdf)

7. CES Technical Report-126: Environmental Profile and People's Livelihood Aspects in the Vicinity of Coal Based Thermal Power Plant at Yellur Panchayat, Udupi District (Pdf)
6. CES Technical Report-125: Biological Diversity, Ecology and Environment Impact Assessment with Mitigation Measures: Hubli-Ankola New Broad Gauge Railway Line (Pdf)
5. CES Technical Report 123 : Environmental Impact Assessment of the National Large Solar Telescope Project and Its Ecological Impact in Merak Area (Pdf)
4. CES Technical Report 122 : Biodiversity, Ecology and Socio-Economic Aspects of Gundia River Basin in the context of proposed Mega Hydro Electric Power Project (Pdf)
3. CES Technical Report 116 : Biodiversity and Ecological Significance of Gundia River Catchment (Pdf)
2. ENVIS Technical Report 54 : Kumaradhara River Basin, Karnataka Western Ghats: Need for Conservation and Sustainable Use (Pdf)
1. ENVIS Technical Report 29 : Ecological Status of Kali River Flood Plain (Pdf)

6. An Interview with an Ecologist (Pdf)
5. Next Generation Will Have To Pay A Heavy Price (Pdf)
4. Interventions in the Management of Urban Solid Waste (Pdf)
3. Mini Forest - An experiment to evaluate the adaptability of Western Ghats species for afforestation (Pdf)
2. Need For Rain Water Harvesting in the Context of Urbanization (Pdf)
1. Structural characteristics of a giant tropical liana and its mode of canopy spread in an alien environment (Pdf)

2. ENVIS Technical Report 111 : Botanical wonder at Indian Institute of Science (Pdf)
1. ENVIS Technical Report 110 : Mini forest at Indian Institute of Science: The Success Model for Rejuvenating Ecology and Hydrology in Rapidly Urbanizing Landscapes (Pdf)

7. Valuation of Aghanashini Estuarine Ecosystem Goods and Services (Pdf)
6. Energy and Food Security from Macroalgae (Pdf)
5. Inventorying, Mapping and Monitoring of Mangroves towards Sustainable Management of West Coast, India (Pdf)
4. Impact of Hydroelectric Projects on Commercial Bivalves in a South Indian West Coast Estuary (Pdf)
3. Impact of Hydroelectric Projects on Bivalve Clams in the Sharavathi Estuary of Indian West Coast (Pdf)
2. Sustainability of Livelihood resources in central west coast (Pdf)
1. Mangrove Associated Molluscs of India (Pdf)

5. ENVIS Technical Report 50 : Conservation and Management of Mangroves in Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
4. ENVIS Technical Report 48 : Edible Bivalves of Central West Coast, Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka, India (Pdf)
3. ENVIS Technical Report 35 : Aghanashini Estuary in Kumta Taluk, Uttara Kannada - Biological Heritage Site (Pdf)
2. ENVIS Technical Report 34 : Green Walls for Karnataka Sea Coast (Pdf)
1. ENVIS Technical Report 30 : Economic Valuation of Bivalves in the Aghanashini Estuary, West Coast, Karnataka (Pdf)

  89.  Modeling Landscape Dynamics of Policy (Pdf) 
  89.  Modeling Forest Landscape Dynamics (Pdf) 
  88.  Ecology& Economy Integrated Clustering Approaches for Sustainable Development in India (Pdf) 
  87.  Conservation and Sustainable Management of Local Hotspots of Biodiversity (Pdf) 
  86.  Insights into riverscape dynamics with the hydrological, ecological and social dimensions for water sustenance (Pdf) 
  85.  Phytochemistry and Therapeutic Potential of Turmeric (Pdf) 
  84.  Insights of Forest Dynamics for the Regional Ecological Fragility Assessment (Pdf) 
  83.  Ecology& Economy Integrated Clustering Approaches for Sustainable Development in India (Pdf) 
  82.  Assessment of Forest Transitions and Regions of Conservation Importance in Udupi district, Karnataka (Pdf) 
  81.  Assessment of Forest Dynamics in Chikkamagalur District, Central Western Ghats using Temporal Remote Sensing Data and Spatial Metrics (Pdf) 
80 Appraisal of Forest Ecosystems Goods and Services: Challenges and Opportunities for Conservation (Pdf)
79 Distribution of Primates in Western Ghats (Pdf)
78 Ecological Modelling for Himalayas (Pdf)
77 Fern Diversity in the Sacred Forests of Yana, Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
76 Pollinator Diversity and Foraging Dynamics on Monsoon Crop of Cucurbits in a Traditional Landscape of South Indian West Coast (Pdf)
75 Vegetation in the Sacred Groves across India: A Review (Pdf)
74 Sacred Groves—Repository of Medicinal Plant Resources: A Review (Pdf)
73 A review on some Therapeutic aspects of Phytochemicals present in Medicinal plants (Pdf)
72 A review on some Therapeutic aspects of Phytochemicals present in Medicinal plants (Pdf)
71 Study of anticlastogenic effect of spirulina against arsenic using zebra fish by micronucleus method (Pdf)
70 Assessment of Seasonal Variation in Water Quality and Water Quality Index (WQI) of Hebbal Lake, Bangalore, India (Pdf)
69 Sustainable Management of Bannerghatta National Park, India, with the Insights in Land Cover Dynamics (Pdf)
68. Jeeve vaividyata agratana : Bharatha bhusherada Jalasampanmula yanisikondiruva pashthima ghattagalu (Pdf)
67. Western Ghats: Water Tower of Peninsular India and Precious Heritage for Posterity (Pdf)
66. Pasthima Ghattagalannu ulisi illave mattashtu vipattugalige siddaragi (Pdf)
65. Ecological Sustainability of Riverine Ecosystems in Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
64. Eco-Hydrological Footprint of a River Basin in Western Ghats (Pdf)
63. Conservation and Sustainable Management of Local Hotspots of Biodiversity (Pdf)
62. ಉತ್ತರ ಕನ್ನಡ ಜಿಲ್ಲೆಯ ಪರಿಸರ ಧಾರಣಾ ಸಾಮರ್ಥ್ಯ (Pdf)
61. Modelling the Forest Transition in Central Western Ghats, India (Pdf)
60. Web based Spatial Decision Support System for Sustenance of Western Ghats Biodiversity, Ecology and Hydrology. (Pdf)
59. Diversity and Regeneration Status of Medicinal Plants in Medicinal Plants Conservation Area (MPCA) at Shirgunji of Uttara Kannada District, Central Western Ghats. (Pdf)
58. Green Spaces in Bengaluru: Quantification through Geospatial Techniques (Pdf)
57. Optimisation of Ensemble Modeling Approach for Studying Climatic Niche and Conservation Status Assessment for Endemic Taxa (Pdf)
56. Linkages between Catchment Landscape Dynamics and the Natural Flow Regime (Pdf)
55. Stimulus of Developmental Projects to landscape dynamics in Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
54. Environmental flow assessment in a lotic ecosystem of Central Western Ghats, India - Yettinahole (Pdf)
53. From the shadows of legitimacy problems and prospects of folk healing in India (Pdf)
52. Ecohydrology of Lotic Ecosystems of Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
51. Modelling Hydrologic regime of Lakshmanatirtha watershed, Cauvery river (Pdf)
50. Hydrological Responses at Regional Scale to Landscape Dynamics (Pdf)
49. A threatened tree fern from Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
48. Ecological Status of three Micro Watersheds in Western Himalaya (Pdf)
47. Geospatial analysis of forest fragmentation in Uttara Kannada District, India (Pdf)
46. Land Use Land Cover Change Analysis (Pdf)
45. Floristic Diversity in Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka (Pdf)
44. Keystone food resources for honeybees in South Indian west coast during monsoon (Pdf)
43. Integrated Ecological Carrying Capacity of Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka (Pdf)
42. Gundia river basin in Karnataka: Hottest Hotspot of Biodiversity (Pdf)
41. Western ghats: in search of the primeval (Pdf)
40. Hydrological importance of sacred forest fragments in Central Western Ghats of India (Pdf)
39. Socio-Cultural Protection of Endemic Trees in Humanised Landscape (Pdf)
38. Pteridophyte diversity in wet evergreen forests of Sakleshpur in Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
37. Spatio-temporal dynamics along the terrain gradient of diverse landscape (Pdf)
36. Biodiversity and ecological assessments of Indian Sacred Groves (Pdf)
35. Vegetation Changes along Altitudinal Gradients in Human Disturbed Forests of Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
34. My Village Biodiversity: Students Involvement in Biodiversity Documentation in Uttara Kannada District, South India (Pdf)
33. Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing for Mangrove Management in Uttara Kannada, Karnataka State (Pdf)
32. Ecological importance of relic forest patches from species to ecosystem (Pdf)
31. Seasonal Wetland Flora of the Laterite Plateaus of Coastal Uttara Kannada (Pdf)
30. Diversity and Distribution of Aquatic Insects in Aghanashini River of Central Western Ghats, India (Pdf)
29. Ecosystem Goods and Services in Uttara Kannada (Pdf)
28. Status of Forests in Shimoga, Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
27. Conservation Strategies for the Hygrophilous Pteridophytes of Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
26. Roadside Trees of Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka (Pdf)
25. Estuarine bird conservation in Uttara Kannada district (Pdf)
24. In Situ Conservation of Traditional Rice Varieties of Uttara Kannada (Pdf)
23. Conservation impact on sacred forest fragments a case study from Karnataka, India (Pdf)
22. Predictive distribution modeling for rare Himalayan medicinal plant Berberis aristata DC (Pdf)
21. Ecology of the Swampy Relic Forests of Kathalekan from Central Western Ghats, India (Pdf)
20. Discovery of Two Critically Endangered Tree Species and Issues Related to Relic Forests of the Western Ghats (Pdf)
19. New plant records for Karnataka from Uttara Kannada district (Pdf)
18. Report of Burmannia Championii Thw. From Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats, Karnataka (Pdf)
17. Hydrological importance of Sacred Groves of Western Ghats (Pdf)
16. Pteridophytes of Western Ghats (Pdf)
15. Small sacred groves in local landscape: are they really worthy for conservation? (Pdf)
14. Odonata as indicators of riparian ecosystem health - a case study from South Western Karnataka, India (Pdf)
13. Social and Ethical Dimensions of Environmental Conservation (Pdf)
12. Plant Diversity in the Sharavathi River Basin in Relation to Human Disturbance (Pdf)
11. Save Sharavathi (Pdf)
10. Sharavathi River Basin Flora Information System (SRFIS) (Pdf)
9. Vegetation Status in Uttara Kannada District (Pdf)
8. Faunal assemblages in Myristica swamps of Central Western Ghats, Karnataka, India (Pdf)
7. Wetland Flora of Uttara Kannada (Pdf)
6. Habitat Approach For Conservation Of Herbs, Shrubs, And Climbers In The Sharavathi River Basin (Pdf)
5. Research Prospects in Western Ghats Stream Ecology : Perspective from River Sharavathi (Pdf)
4. Cumulative Impact Assessment in the Sharavathi River Basin (Pdf)
3. Wild Orchids of Sharavathi River Basin and Parts of Uttara Kannada (Pdf)
2. Remote detection and distinction of ants using nest-site specific LISS-derived Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (Pdf)
1. Ants Habitat Mapping Using Remote Sensing and GIS (Pdf)

38. ENVIS Technical Report 142 : Forest Ecosystem: Goods and Services (Pdf)
37. ENVIS Technical Report 135 : Irrational Allotment of Common Lands - Kan Sacred Forests in Sagar Taluk, Shimoga District, Karnataka for Non-Forestry activities (Pdf)
36. ENVIS Technical Report 132 : Biodiversity Inventory in and around Tenka Yekkaru Grama Panchayat, Mangalore Taluk, Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka (Pdf)
35. ENVIS Technical Report 125 : Ecologically Sensitive Regions in the Kali River Basin, Karnataka (Pdf)
34. ENVIS Technical Report 121 : Forest Trees of Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
33. ENVIS Technical Report 113 : My Village Biodiversity: Documentation of Western Ghats Biodiversity through Network of Students and Teachers (Pdf)
32. ENVIS Technical Report 112 : Pond with Native Green cover (in the catchment) to Sustain Hydrological regime- Jain Temple (mutt) Area, Moodabidri, Dakshina Kannada District (Pdf)
31. ENVIS Technical Report 100 : Time-series MODIS NDVI based Vegetation Change Analysis with Land Surface Temperature and Rainfall in Western Ghats, India (Pdf)
30. ENVIS Technical Report 97 : Conservation Of Fragmented Forests In Banavasi Range, Sirsi Forest Division, Kanara Circle (Pdf)
29. ENVIS Technical Report 91 : Environmental flow assessment in Yettinahole (Pdf)
28. ENVIS Technical Report 90 : Smart Village Framework (Pdf)
27. ENVIS Technical Report 89 : Biodiversity, Ecology, Energy, Landscape Dynamics & Hydrology of Agastya Foundation Campus, Kuppam (Pdf)
26. ENVIS Technical Report 84 : Forest Status and Medicinal flora studies (Pdf)
25. ENVIS Technical Report 82 : Water Scarcity in Varada Catchment (Pdf)
24. ENVIS Technical Report 81 : Waterbodies Of Uttara Kannada (Pdf)
23. ENVIS Technical Report 80 : Reclamation of Mine Regions at Bisgod: Approaches and Challenges (Pdf)
22. ENVIS Technical Report 79 : Tree Species for Planting at the Sides and Median of the Roads in Bengaluru (Pdf)
21. ENVIS Technical Report 75 : Trees of Bengaluru (Pdf)
20. ENVIS Technical Report 65 :Influence of Landscape Dynamics on Hydrological Regime in Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
19. ENVIS Technical Report 61 : Land Use Changes With The Implementation Of Developmental Projects In Uttara Kannada Districtc (Pdf)
18. ENVIS Technical Report 60 : Adopting Clustering Approaches - Ecology Integrated Sustainable Development of Uttara Kannada (Pdf)
17. ENVIS Technical Report 57 : Fragmentation of Uttara Kannada Forests (Pdf)
16. ENVIS Technical Report 53 : Status of Forest in Shimoga District, Karnataka (Pdf)
15. ENVIS Technical Report 49 : Beekeeping: Sustainable Livelihood Option in Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
14. ENVIS Technical Report 47 :Amphibian Diversity and Distribution in Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka (Pdf)
13. ENVIS Technical Report 43 : Ecological status of Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve (Pdf)
12. ENVIS Technical Report 42 : Soil Quality across Diverse Landscapes in Central Western Ghats, India (Pdf)
11. ENVIS Technical Report 41 : Ecology of Sacred Kan Forests in Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
10. ENVIS Technical Report 40 :Ecohydrology of Lotic Ecosystems of Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
9. ENVIS Technical Report 39 : Exploring Biodiversity and Ecology of Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
8. ENVIS Technical Report 38 : Sacred groves in Siddapur Taluk, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka: Threats and Management Aspects (Pdf)
7. ENVIS Technical Report 36 : Grasslands of Anshi-Dandeli Tiger Reserve (Pdf)
6. ENVIS Technical Report 24 : Vegetation Analysis in Uttara Kannada District Using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques (Pdf)
5. ENVIS Technical Report 22 : Conservation of Endangered Fauna in Sharavathi River Bbasin, Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
4. ENVIS Technical Report 20 : Ant Species Composition and Diversity in the Sharavathi River Basin, Central Western Ghats (Pdf)
3. Sahyadri Conservation Series 75 : Geo-Visualisation of Local Hotspots of Biodiversity (Pdf)
2. CES Technical Report 129 : An appraisal and conservation strategies for the pteridophytes of Uttara Kannada (Pdf)
1. CES Technical Report 128 : Tragedy of the Kan Sacred Forests of Shimoga District: Need for Urgent Policy Interventions for Conservation (Pdf)

10. Adsorption of Fast Green on to Coffee Husk (Pdf)
9. Adsorption of methylene blue and amaranth on to tamarind pod shells (Pdf)
8. Removal of Hexavalent Chromium Using Coffee Husk (Pdf)
7. Biosorption of chromium (VI) by Tamarindus indica pod shells (Pdf)
6. Cr (VI) and Fe (III) removal using Cajanus cajan husk (Pdf)
5. Biosorption of Heavy Metals (Pdf)
4. Biosorption of iron(III) from aqueous solutions using the husk of Cicer arientinum (Pdf)
3. Phytoremediation: Processes and Mechanisms (Pdf)
2. Biosorption of chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions by the husk of Bengal gram(Cicer arientinum) (Pdf)
1. Biosorption of chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions by the husk of Bengal gram (Cicer arientinum) (Pdf)

3. CES Technical Report 113 : Low cost biosorbents for dye removal (Pdf)
2. CES Technical Report 112 : Biosorption of Heavy Metals by Low cost Adsorbents (Pdf)
1. CES Technical Report 110 : Biosorption : Techniques and Mechanisms (Pdf)

11. Two new species of Gomphonema (Bacillariophyceae) from Doon Valley, Uttarakhand, India (Pdf)
10. Role of environmental variables in diatom distribution in urban wetlands of Peninsular India (Pdf)
9. Two new species of Nitzschia (Bacillariophyta) from shallow wetlands of Peninsular India (Pdf)
8. Microhabitat influence on diatom distributional pattern in diverse ecosystems (Pdf)
7. The diatom genus Gomphonema Ehrenberg in India: Checklist and description of three new species (Pdf)
6. Monitoring Tropical Urban Wetlands through Biotic Indices (Pdf)
5. Diatom Based Pollution Monitoring in Urban Wetlands (Pdf)
4. Nestedness pattern in stream diatom assemblages of central Western Ghats (Pdf)
3. Protocols for collection, preservation and enumeration of diatoms from aquatic habitats for WQM in India (Pdf)
2. Milking Diatoms for Sustainable Energy: Biochemical Engineering vs Gasoline Secreting Diatom Solar Panels (Pdf)
1. A Note on the Identity of Ceratoneis iyengarii Gonzalves & Gandhi (Pdf)

1. ENVIS Technical Report 31: Pollution Monitoring in Urban Wetlands of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (Pdf)

1. Phytoplankton Diversity in Sharavati River Basin,Central Western Ghats (Pdf)

1. CES Technical Report - 115: Zooplankton as Bioindicators: Hydrobiological Investigations in Selected Bangalore Lakes (Pdf)

  10.  Ichthyofauna Diversity in Relation to Water Quality of Lakes of Bangalore, Karnataka (Pdf) 
9. Impact of hydroelectric projects on finfish diversity in the Sharavathi River estuary of Uttara Kannada District (Pdf)
8. Fish Distribution Dynamics in the Aghanashini Estuary of Uttara Kannada, West Coast of India (Pdf)
7. Impact of Hydroelectric Dams on Fisheries in the Sharavathi Estuary of Uttara Kannada District, South-West India (Pdf)
6. Fish diversity in relation to landscape and vegetation in central Western Ghats, India (Pdf)
5. Two new Fish Species of the Genus Schistura Mccleland (Cypriniformes : Balitoridae) from Weatern Ghats (Pdf)
4. Fish Diversity and Conservation Aspects in an Aqatic Ecosystem in NorthEastern India (Pdf)
3. Fish Diversity in Linganamakki Reservoir Sharavathi River (Pdf)
2. Nestedness Pattern in Freshwater Fishes of Western Ghats: An Indication of Stream Islands Along Riverscapes (Pdf)
1. Schistura nilgiriensis (Menon) in Sharavathi River Basin, Western Ghats, Karnataka (Pdf)

9. A New Frog Species from the Central Western Ghats of India,and Its Phylogenetic Position (Pdf)
8. A new species of Philautus Gistel (Amphibia: Anura: Rhacophoridae) from southern Western Ghats, India (Pdf)
7. Micrixalus fuscus (Anura: Ranidae) in Sharavathi River basin, Karnataka. (Pdf)
6. Integrated Approaches to Minimise Ambiguities in Anuran Description (Pdf)
5. Developmental mode in white-nosed shrub frog Philautus cf . leucorhinus (Pdf)
4. Frog species skips tadpole stage (Pdf)
3. Extinct frog stages comeback (Pdf)
2. Pedostibes tuberculosus (Malabar Tree Toad) Advertisement Call and Distribution (Pdf)
1. Influence of Land-Use Changes in River Basins on Diversity and Distribution of Amphibians (Pdf)

1. ENVIS Technical Report 37 : Anuran Diversity and Distribution in Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve (Pdf)

60 Visualisation of landscape alterations with the proposed linear projects and their impacts on the ecology (Pdf) 
59 Sustainable Management of Bannerghatta National Park, India, with the Insights in Land Cover Dynamics (Pdf) 
58 Visualisation of landscape alterations with the proposed linear projects and their impacts on the ecology (Pdf) 
57 Micro level analyses of environmentally disastrous urbanisation in Bangalore (Pdf) 
56 ಬ್ಯಾಂಗಲೋರ್‌ನಿಂದ ಬೆಂಗುಳೊರು ೨೦೨೦ರ ಹೊತ್ತಿಗೆ ನಿರ್ಜೀವ ನಗರದೆಡೆಗೆ  (Pdf) 
55 Intra and Inter Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Urbanisation in Indian Megacities  (Pdf) 
54 Modelling the growth of two rapidly urbanizing Indian cities  (Pdf) 
53 Modelling landscape dynamics with LST in protected areas of Western Ghats, Karnataka  (Pdf) 
52 Urbanization in India: Patterns,Visualization of Cities, and Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Developing Urban Observatory  (Pdf) 
51 Modelling urban dynamics in rapidly urbanising Indian cities  (Pdf) 
50 Integrated approach to visualize urban growth: case study of rapidly urbanising city  (Pdf) 
49 Green to gray: Silicon Valley of India  (Pdf) 
48 The urban farmers battling Bangalore’s concrete jungle  (Pdf) 
47 Simulating urban growth by two state modelling and connected network  (Pdf) 
46 Bangalore  (Pdf) 
45 Modeling urban dynamics along two Major Industrial Corridors in India  (Pdf) 
44 Simulating urban growth by two state modeling and connected network  (Pdf) 
43 Intra and Inter Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Urbanisation in Indian Megacities  (Pdf) 
42 The Urban Farmers Battling Bangalore’s Concrete Jungle  (Pdf) 
41 Escalating Pollution Threats in Urbanising Indian Cities  (Pdf) 
41 Bangalore’s Tragedy – A Dead City with Unabated, Unplanned and Untenable Urbanization  (Pdf) 
40 Unplanned Urbanisation and Imminent Water Scarcity in Bengaluru  (Pdf) 
39 ನೈಸರ್ಗಿಕ ಸಂಪನ್ಮೂಲಗಳನ್ನು ತೊರೆದ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರಿನ ಆಧುನಿಕತೆ - ವಾಸಯೋಗ್ಯವೇ?  (Pdf) 
38. Monitoring urbanization and its implications in a mega city from space: Spatiotemporal patterns and its indicators (Pdf)
39. Spatial metrics and modelling for urban structure of Kolkata through Geoinformatics (Pdf)
38. Agent based Modelling Urban Dynamics of Bhopal, India (Pdf)
37. Bangalore's Reality: towards unlivable status with unplanned urban trajectory(Pdf)
36. Prediction of Spatial Patterns of Urban Dynamics in Pune, India(Pdf)
35. Urban Footprint Of Mumbai - The Commercial Capital Of India (Pdf)
34. Geospatial scenario based modelling of urban revolution in five major cities in India (Pdf)
33. Modelling and Visualization of Urban Trajectory in 4 cities of India (Pdf)
32. Monitoring Spatial Patterns Of Urban Dynamics In Ahmedabad City (Pdf)
31. Visualization of Urban Growth Pattern in Chennai (Pdf)
30. Urbanisation Pattern of Incipient Mega Region in India (Pdf)
29. Insights to Urban Dynamics through Landscape Spatial Pattern Analysis (Pdf)
28. Monitoring urbanization and its implications in a mega city from space: Spatiotemporal patterns with indicators (Pdf)
27. Land use Land Cover Dynamics in a rapidly urbanizing Landscape (Pdf)
26. Modelling Urban Revolution in Greater Bangalore, India (Pdf)
25. Prediction of Land use Dynamics in the Rapidly Urbanising Landscape using Land Change Modeller (Pdf)
24. Measuring urban sprawl in Tier II cities of Karnataka, India (Pdf)
23. Modeling and Simulation of Urbanisation in Greater Bangalore, India (Pdf)
22. Hydrologic model with landscape dynamics for drought monitoring (Pdf)
21. Spatio temporal patterns of urban growth in Bellary, Tier II City of Karnataka State, India (Pdf)
20. Comprehension of temporal land use dynamics in urbanising landscape (Pdf)
19. Spatio-temporal dynamics of Urbanising Landscape in twin cities in Karnataka, India (Pdf)
18. Understanding urban sprawl dynamics of Gulbarga - Tier II city in Karnataka through spatio-temporal data and spatial metrics (Pdf)
17. Urbanisation and sprawl in the Tier II City: Metrics, Dynamics and Modelling using Spatio-Temporal data (Pdf)
16. Status of Wetlands in Urbanising Tier II cities of Karnataka: Analysis using Spatio Temporal data (Pdf)
15. Spatio-temporal dynamics of Raichur City (Pdf)
14. Geographical Indicators for Sustainable Management of Urban Sprawl (Pdf)
13. Spatio-Temporal Pattern of Landscape Dynamics in Shimoga, Tier II City, Karnataka State, India (Pdf)
12. Peri-Urban to Urban Landscape Patterns Elucidation through Spatial Metrics (Pdf)
11. Spatial Metrics based Landscape Structure and Dynamics Assessment for an emerging Indian Megalopolis (Pdf)
10. Synoptic view of spatial patterns of urbanization: in Mysore (Pdf)
9. Exposition of Urban Structure and Dynamics through Gradient Landscape Metrics for Sustainable Management of Greater Bangalore (Pdf)
8. Urban footprint dynamics in Indian metropolis (Pdf)
7. Spatial patterns of urbanization in Mysore: Emerging Tier II City in Karnataka (Pdf)
6. Influence of planning and governance on the level of urban services (Pdf)
5. A Spatial Planning Support System for Managing Bangalore’s Urban Sprawl (Pdf)
4. City profile Bangalore (Pdf)
3. Managing Urban Sprawl for Achieving Sustainable Urbanisation (Pdf)
2. Urban sprawl: metrics, dynamics and modelling using GIS (Pdf)
1. Urban Growth Analyses Using Spatial and Temporal Data (Pdf)

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1. CES Technical Report - 99: Urban Sprawl Pattern Analysis Using GIS (Pdf)

18. Prioritization of Prospective Third Generation Biofuel Diatom Strains (Pdf)
17. Biofuel production along with remediation of sewage water through Algae (Pdf)
  16.  Nutrient and heavy metal composition in select biotic and abiotic components of Varthur wetlands, Bangalore, India (Pdf) 
15. Methods in Stream Ecology. (Pdf)
14. The Politics of Dams: Developmental Perspectives and Social Critique in Modern India. (Pdf)
13. Biodiversity and Environment: Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Perspective (Pdf)
12. Water, Agriculture and Sustainable Well - Being (Pdf)
11. Energy Portfolios (Pdf)
10. Climate Change and Groundwater (Pdf)
9. Biodiversity and Environment: Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Perspective (Pdf)
8. Amphibians of Peninsular India (Pdf)
7. Biodiversity Characterization at Landscape Level in North-East India using Satellite Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (Pdf)
6. Understanding Environment (Pdf)
5. Eco-Degradation, Biodiversity and Health (Pdf)
4. Joint Forest Management: Issues and Experiences (Pdf)
3. Administrative Reforms: Towards Sustainable Practices (Pdf)
2. Groundwater Management in India: Physical, Institutional and Policy Alternatives (Pdf)
1. Community-based Natural Resource Management: Issues and Cases from South Asia (Pdf)

4. Simple Methods for the Treatment of Drinking Water (Pdf)
3. Wells Construction : Hand Dug and Drilled Wells  
2. Rainwater Reservoirs Above Ground Structures for Roof Catchment  
1. Wastewater Disposal