Indian Institute of Science

Conference on Municipal Solid Waste Management
(MSWM 2016)

Energy and Wetlands Research Group
Dates: 23rd - 24th February 2016
Venue: CCE Lecture Hall, [behind J R D Tata Memorial Library,
Next to IISc Student’s Hostel Office & NESARA Restaurant],
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012, India

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Municipal solid waste comprises of wastes generated from residences, markets, hotels and restaurants, commercial premises, slums, street sweeping and parks. Bangalore residences contribute 55% of total of wastes, which is highest among all sources. Bangalore city generates around 3000-4000 tons of waste. A major fraction (72%) of total waste is organic or wet waste, which degrades in natural environment. Mismanagement of waste has led to contamination of land, water, etc. apart from emissions of GHG’s. Treatment and environmentally sound management of solid waste have posed serious challenges to the local administration. Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) 2000, GoI emphasise the need for waste segregation and storage at source, primary collection, secondary storage, transportation, secondary segregation, resource recovery, processing, treatment, and final disposal of inert material. In this context a stringent regulatory framework for the treatment and management of solid waste through scientific insights is crucial for sustainable development. In this regard, MSWM 2016 would focus on dialogue among various stakeholders to evolve appropriate strategies to minimise mismanagement of waste and resource recovery. The conference at IISc during 23-24 th February 2016 would provide a platform for all stakeholders including youth from academic institutions, city municipal authorities and planners, media, academia, industry, NGO’s, representatives from urban local bodies and residents to deliberate on various issues related to sustainable waste management practices.


  • MSW Management: current approaches, gaps and solutions;
  • Mismanagement of solid waste, climate change;
  • Waste collection, segregation and characterization;
  • Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Recycle, Remediation concepts implementation strategies;
  • Sustainable solid waste management practices – Local perspectives;
  • Innovative strategies for waste separation, recycling and recovery;
  • Sustainable waste utilization & recycling methods;
  • Bioenergy and bio-products from waste (anaerobic digestion, biofuels, etc.);
  • Biomass production from waste & carbon sequestration (composting, biochar, etc);
  • Economic instruments and financing methods for waste management;
  • Electronic waste management, treatment and pollution abatement;
  • Environmental education for waste management;
  • Landfill management & leachate treatment;
  • Life cycle assessment of waste management practices;
  • Swaccha Bharath / Clean India programmes

Students, research scholars and other stakeholders from local and overseas institutes, NGO’s, professionals in waste management business, consultants, government officials and policy makers are welcome to attend the event and shoulder the responsibility towards keeping clean neighbourhood.
Delegates interested in participating MSWM 2016 - Conference on Municipal Solid Waste Management,
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