Climate change

Fresh water

Land Use

Ecological footprint

Material footprint

  • Title: Nature Food nature food EU-27 ecological footprint was primarily driven by food consumption and exceeded regional biocapacity from 2004 to 2014 Check for updates
    Author: Alessandro Galli, Marta Antonelli, Leopold Wambersie, Anna Bach-Faig, Fabio Bartolini,Dario Caro, Katsunori Iha, David Lin,Maria Serena Mancini, Roberta Sonnino, Davy Vanham, and Mathis Wackernagel
  • Title: Predicting the Material Footprint in Germany between 2015 and 2020 via Seasonally Decomposed Autoregressive and Exponential Smoothing Algorithms
    Author: Johannes Buhl, Christa Liedtke, Sebastian Schuster, Katrin Bienge
  • Title: Examining the dynamics of ecological footprint in China with spectral Granger causality and quantile-on-quantile approaches
    Author: Andrew Adewale Alola, Tomiwa Sunday Adebayo, Stephen Taiwo Onifade
  • Title: A national ‘safe and just operating space’ for all in India: Past, Present and Futurea
    Author: Amit Roy and Kousik Pramanick
  • Title: Consumption and Environmental Degradation: A Cross-National Analysis of the Ecological Footprint
    Author: Andrew K. Jorgenson
  • Title: Eight Tons of Material Footprint—Suggestion for a Resource Cap for Household Consumption in Finland
    Author: Michael Lettenmeier, Christa Liedtke, and Holger Rohn
  • Title: Report of the International Resource Panel. United Nations Environment Programme.
    Author: Bruno Oberle, Stefan Bringezu, Steve Hatfield-Dodds, Stefanie Hellweg, Heinz Schandl and Jessica Clement, Livia Cabernard, Nhu Che, Dingjiang Chen, Helen Droz-George
  • Title: Possible Target Corridor for Sustainable Use of Global Material Resources
    Author: Stefan Bringezu
  • Title: Toward Science-Based and Knowledge-Based Targets for Global Sustainable Resource Use
    Author: Stefan Bringezu
  • Title: Global Material Flows And Resource Productivity
    Author: Heinz Schandl, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, James West, Stefan Giljum, Monika Dittrich, Nina Eisenmenger, Arne Geschke, Mirko Lieber, Hanspeter Wieland, Anke Schaffartzik, Fridolin Krausmann, Sylvia Gierlinger, Karin Hosking, Manfred Lenzen, Hiroki Tanikawa, Alessio Miatto, and Tomer Fishman

Ocean Acidification

Ozone Depletion

  • Title: Ozone depletion and climate change: impacts on UV radiation
    Author: R. L. McKenzie, P. J. Aucamp, A. F. Bais, L. O. Björn, M. Ilyas, and S. Madronich
  • Title: The Impact of Continuing CFC-11 Emissions on Stratospheric Ozone
    Author: Eric L. Fleming, Paul A. Newman, Qing Liang, John S. Daniel
  • Title: Quantifying contributions of chlorofluorocarbon banks to emissions and impacts on the ozone layer and climate.
    Author: Megan Lickley, Susan Solomon, Sarah Fletcher, Guus J. M. Velders, John Daniel, Matthew Rigby, Stephen A. Montzka, Lambert J. M. Kuijpers & Kane Stone
  • Title: Tropospheric observations of CFC-114 and CFC-114a with a focus on long-term trends and emissions
    Author: Johannes C. Laube, Norfazrin Mohd Hanif, Patricia Martinerie, Eileen Gallacher, Paul J. Fraser, Ray Langenfelds, Carl A. M. Brenninkmeijer, Jakob Schwander, Emmanuel Witrant, Jia-Lin Wang, Chang-Feng Ou-Yang, Lauren J. Gooch, Claire E. Reeves, William T. Sturges, and David E. Oram
  • Title: Measurements of CFC-11, CFC-12, and HCFC-22 total columns in the atmosphere at the St. Petersburg site in 2009–2019
    Author: Alexander Polyakov, Anatoly Poberovsky, Maria Makarova, Yana Virolainen, Yuri Timofeyev, and Anastasiia Nikulina

Biodiversity Loss

Atmospheric Pollution