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  1. Living with floods
  2. Heavy Rainfall due to Climatic Change Increasing Landslides
  3. Younger Faculty Members,Healthcare Research, Freedom why IISc Leads Academia in India
  4. Natural injustice
  5. The Sunday Read: On World Environment Day: By the Rivers Dark
  6. Karnataka: Govt agencies backtrack on Singanayakanahalli lake project after public outcry
  7. Tamarind Trappings
  8. BDA panel visits Varthur lake
  9. Bellandur Lake will be desilted, deweeded by May 2021: BDA
  10. Ecological upshot oflilac devil
  11. IISc report finds rise in encroachments on Bellandur and Varthurlakes
  12. Rs 2000 cr worth silt at Bellandur, Varthur lakes
  13. On the contrary: Cuddle up, it's a muddle
  14. Thanks to NGT, Varthur Lake set for a clean-up
  15. How Bengaluru's Domestic Wastewater Is Helping Parched Kolar
  16. Experts to discuss recent bird deaths
  17. Buffer zone of Bengaluru's breach-hit Hulimavu Lake eaten away by encroachers
  18. Hulimavu Lake breach: More in store
  19. Restored lakes: Beauty minus quality?
  20. BDA to de-water Bellandur, Varthur lake in a month
  21. Why Bengaluru's ground water is deep and dirty
  22. 10 more Indian wetlands identified as crucial to global biodiversity. Here's why it matters
  23. City lakes are awaiting aid
  24. Bellandur lake cleaning: Experts divided over desilting, diverting polluted water
  25. Lake-Killing Phosphate: Canada Banned It, Indian Detergents Still Use 2.88M Tons/Yr!
  26. Detergents Add 1.46 Lakh Tons of Phosphate to India's Waters Yearly. This Has to Stop
  27. Farming along polluted waters of the Vrishabhavathi
  28. Transporting silt daily from Bellandur Lake is a challenge
  29. Oh silt! Tree parks planned to solve silt problem at lakes
  30. In Bengaluru, 437 acres of 169 lakes encroached
  31. The stink of death in Bellandur Lake
  32. Toxins, sewage led to fishkill in Bellandur Lake: NGT panel
  33. Shifting of Varthur lake pipeline still in the pipeline
  34. Bengaluru civic body to revive 25 lakes
  35. Video: Silt to be measured to the hilt at Bellandur, Varthur
  36. Two otters spotted in Bengaluru, wildlife enthusiasts delighted and puzzled
  37. Solar projects on water could come at a cost to the environ- ment, alert experts
  38. Govt's move to build artificial waterfall at Sankey Tank draws flak
  39. The silt just got real
  40. Declare Aghanashini estuary as Ramsar site
  41. Lakes of Bengaluru: Industrial effluents, raw sewage; stinky tale of Chandapura lake
  42. What is killing Uttarakhand's small wetlands? Degraded Niranjanpur pond carves a live example
  43. Aghanashini estuary to be pitched for Ramsar tag
  44. Explained: Why High Court has stepped in to protect Bengaluru lakes
  45. Lakes of Bengaluru: Rachenahalli lake, a lifeline choked by rampant development
  46. Spoils of lake soil
  47. Bengaluru doesn't have a concrete plan
  48. Lakes of Bengaluru: Slow rejuvenation work at Varthur raises concern
  49. In Western Ghats, an ancient underground fish species is under threat due to poor water governance
  50. Don't Let Water Bodies Fall Prey to Whims and Fancies of Bureaucracy, Says T V Ramachandra
  51. Way out of Bengaluru's recurring water crisis
  52. Aghanashini estury may become Karnataka's first Ramsar Site
  53. River linking not ecologically sound: Expert
  54. In too deep
  55. Wetlands crucial for conserving biodiversity, say experts
  56. Survey warns of water shortage in Bengaluru soon; experts say 'exaggerated'
  57. The toxicity
  58. Under-governed groundwater, lack of rejuvenation hurt city: Experts
  59. Mekedatu to submerge Karnataka forests worth Rs 81.6 bn
  60. Mobility experts, greens oppose Sankey Road plan
  61. Tree bags full Sir!
  62. Mekedatu project will aggravate water crisis: IISc faculty
  63. Rising temperatures add to spike in forest fires in state
  64. Making bureaucracy accountable will help in restoring forest ecosystems: Dr T V Ramachandra
  65. Explained: Why implementation of the recommendations of Kasturirangan Committee in Western Ghats is important
  66. Mekedatu project will create a disaster, says ecologist
  67. Forest ecological value in Karnataka shows big decline from 2015 to 2019
  68. Saving Western Ghats ecosystem need of hour, say experts in Karnataka
  69. Stop deforestation to sustain water for next generation
  70. Life as we know it
  71. IISc professor demands robust assessment of HN Valley project
  72. Ecosystem Restoration Can Ensure Water, Food, Health, Livelihood Benefits- Lessons from the Western Ghats
  73. The Sunday Read: Uprooted
  74. State got approval to use 1,355 ha offorest land for non-forestry purposes in 5 years
  75. Heavy rain triggers landslip atNandi Hills
  76. North Bengaluru to see more flooding
  77. We have messed up, floods in Bengaluru are here to stay
  78. Beautification in isolation: Questions on the facelift of K-100 Rajakaluve
  79. Earth Day: Steps Individuals Can Take In Planet's Best Interest, According To Indian Scientists
  80. The Sunday Read: Imbalancing act
  81. Bengaluru cannot handle any more rain
  82. Coastal Karnataka bears brunt of heavy rain, subsequent flooding
  83. Karnataka CM Bommai orders BBMP to fix stormwater drains to prevent flooding in Bengaluru
  84. Hebbal-Nagawara Valley Project: Karnataka Biodiversity Board to look into ecological impact
  85. Environmentalists concerned over easy clearances for Bengaluru's real estate
  86. Plantation Sector Demands Creation of Voluntary Carbon Trading Market
  87. Real estate developers face few hurdles in getting environment clearance
  88. Kasturirangan Committee in recommendations on Western Ghats and why it is important
  89. Climate change here and now, effects will prevail
  90. Average southwest monsoon rainfallinKarnataka saw little variation in five decades
  91. Ecotourism guidelines allow fortemporary structures in forests
  92. What about Mekedatu dam's eco impact, ask Greens
  93. Focus on Gross Ecosystem Product too
  94. Scorching summer's assault on Bengaluru
  95. How Karnataka's Shivamogga became the hotbed of Monkey Fever
  96. On power trip, but villagers of Pavagada divided into powerful and powerless
  97. Kodagu's ecologicalfragility in focus again
  98. Draft EIANotification 2020 could spell disasterfor Western Ghats, say experts
  99. Monoculture Could Worsen Vulnerability to Climate Change
  100. Panel Forms Guidelines For Protection Of Western Ghats
  101. Heavy Rains Wash Away Bengaluru's Crumbling Infra, Expert Blames Concretisation & Unplanned Growth
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