Aquatic Ecosystems: Conservation, Restoration and Management
Ramachandra T.V.
Energy & Wetlands Research Group, Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012


Guiding Principles for Water Management

Issues that have come up as a result of global consultations include the promotion of a greater focus on water demand management, and conservation within the framework of integrated water resources management; encouraging a shift from the supply driven approach to meet demand on water to the demand management approach and greater efficiency to match available resources; promoting greater focus on pollution control policies within the framework of integrated water resources management to safeguard the quality of water and to maximize the safe reintegration of recycled wastewater into the water cycle as a non-conventional water source; reviewing water demand and pollution control experience across the region and identify and examine replicable strategies and models; and demonstrating the viability of water demand management and efficiency policies (