Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) and Youth Parliament

The Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) is an initiative to promote sustainable living by changing individual lifestyles. The initiative focuses on seven themes, which include food, energy, transport, water, waste, nature, and purchasing. The Youth Parliament on LiFE is a platform for young people to discuss and debate on various environmental aspects and come up with solutions to promote sustainable living. Details of LiFE are available at

Thanks for the wonderful Dabate!

The following are the selected participants for Stage 2.
Thank you for actively participating in the first round of debate - Youth Parliament
Based on the performance following youths are chosen for the next round of evaluation (group discission),
Stage 2 scheduled on 8th May at 10 am, virtual meeting. Meeting link is provided in your respective mails

Sl No. Name Topic – Stage 1 (1 round) Group discussion topics (Group - Based on themes)
Duration 15 minutes each per person
1 Astha Shetty Water sustenance Water Sustenance
2 Ashpreet Kaur Waste management Waste management
3 Prasanna B.M. Renewable Energy Sustainable Energy Alternatives
4 Harsha Yadav Sustainable Mobility Sustainable Mobility
5 Haripriya S.M. Blue economy Blue economy
6 Suchetan B.S. Energy Conservation Sustainable Energy Alternatives
7 Tulika Mandal Forest Ecosystem Water Sustenance
8 Abhilash Sachdeva Nature based solutions Nature based solutions
9 Aparna Haridas Marine pollution Blue economy
10 Rahul Pandey Waste Management Waste Management
11 Nisar Ahmed Nature based solutions Nature based solutions
12 Paras Negi Urbanisation Sustainable Mobility

Note : You may speak for / against the topic (assigned in the 4th Colum of the table above)
You may speak for /against Presentation -ORAL (without any aids - PPT slide / book/ any electronic gadgets of malpractices)

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