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New Video Tutorials for GRASS GIS 8

New video tutorials now available for GRASS GIS version 8

Announcing a new series of publicly available YouTube video tutorials for GRASS 8. These tutorials, originally created for a GIS course at San Diego State University titled “ANTH 562 Computational Archaeology”, are aimed to help novice to advanced GIS practioners learn how to use GRASS GIS. The subject matter is nominally archaeological GIS, but all the basics of GRASS are covered, as well as some advanced topics, such as Least Cost Analysis, Visibility Analysis, Hydrological Modeling, Terrain Analysis, and more. The sample data used in the tutorials is available in this GitHub repository.

The tutorials will be added to this YouTube playlist, which is also embedded here for convenience:

These tutorials and sample data are released under a CCbyNC 4.0 licence. You are free to use, remix, modify, or build on these data and content for any non-commercial purpose, but you must credit the original author.

About the author

The tutorials are created by Isaac I. Ullah, PhD. He is an associate professor of Anthropology at San Diego State University, specializing in computational approaches in archaeology. More information about Dr. Ullah’s work is available on his website.