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GRASS GIS Project: Wrapping up 2020

A look back on 2020

An unusual year comes to an end and we nonetheless saw great success in the GRASS GIS project. Here our most relevant achievements in a nutshell:

  • new GUI startup (GSoC student: Linda Kladivova)

New GRASS GIS 8 graphical user interface startup

  • new releases of GRASS 7.8.3, GRASS 7.8.4 followed by GRASS 7.8.5, altogether with more than 450 fixes and improvements
  • entirely new website, based on Hugo (co-funded by OSGeo)

New GRASS GIS Website

  • source code management: issues moved to GitHub
  • continuous source code analysis with GitHub Actions
  • three virtual meetings with developers and users to discuss further improvements

We welcome everybody interested in joining us - consider to discuss in our mailing lists, suggest improvements, spread the word, translate messages or contribute source code.

With 34 contributors in 2020 including two new core developers we are looking forward to a new, exciting year 2021!

GRASS GIS 2020 wrap-up

The GRASS Development Team, Dec 2020