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GRASS GIS 6.4.4 RC1 released

GRASS GIS 6.4.4RC1 released

First release candidate of GRASS GIS 6.4.4 with improvements and stability fixes.

After months of development a first release candidate of GRASS GIS 6.4.4 is now available.

Source code download:

Binaries download:

To get the GRASS GIS 6.4.4RC1 source code directly from SVN:

svn checkout http://svn.osgeo.org/grass/grass/tags/release_20140614_grass_6_4_4RC1

Key improvements of this release include a complete rewrite of the r.li suite, major fixes for buffers (v.buffer, now based on GEOS library), major speedup for some vector modules (v.rast.stats and v.in.gpsbabel), various fixes for the wxPython based portable graphical interface (wxNVIZ, Location Wizard or Cartographic Composer), enabled Cairo dependency for MS-Windows, and more message translations.


See also our detailed announcement:

First time users should explore the first steps tutorial after installation.

Release candidate management at

Please join us in testing this release candidate for the final release.


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Thanks to all contributors!