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GRASS GIS 7 Addons Manuals online

GRASS GIS 7 Addons Manuals online

GRASS GIS 7 Addons Manuals now generated on a weekly basis

In order to make the manuals more accessible prior to installation, the GRASS GIS 7 Addons Manuals are now generated online every week.

Installation of these user contributed Addons can be done easily with g.extention within a GRASS GIS session (either through the graphical user interface or via command line). No special administrator rights are needed.

Current Addons include:

  • Image processing:
    • Canny edge detector
    • Histogram matching of several images
    • Suite to import MODIS satellite data into GRASS GIS
    • Thermal map analysis to determine Growing Degree Days, Winkler index, Biologically Effective Degree Days, Huglin Heliothermal index
  • Statistics:
    • linear regression on time series series
    • Approximate a periodic time series and creates approximated output.
  • Terrain analysis:
    • Runs r.sun in loop for given time range
    • Calculate geomorphons (terrain forms) and associated geometry using machine vision approach
    • Hydrological conditioning of DEMs, sink removal to a required input elevation map
    • Creates a local relief model from elevation map
  • Vector analysis:
    • Create a 3D vector map from a PLY file and export to PLY format
    • Imports PLY points, georeferences and exports them
    • Calculation of center points for point clouds, lines and areas
    • Create concave hull shapes around points
    • Create transect lines or quadrilateral areas at regular intervals perpendicular to a polyline

For in depth details, see also https://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/AddOns/GRASS_7