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GRASS GIS Community Sprint 2013 - Great achievements!


Press release

GRASS GIS Community Sprint 2013 in Genova

The GRASS GIS community is delighted to present the outcome of the 3rd Community Sprint that took place in Genova, from 2nd to 7th of February, 2013. The event took place at the same time of XIV Meeting degli Utenti Italiani Grass e Gfoss . The Community Sprint was a creative gathering of both long-term and new developers, as well as users.

We wish to cordially thank: the Dipartimento di Scienze per l\‘Architettura della Scuola Politecnica of the University of Genova and Associazione per le Libertà Informatiche e Digitali (ALID) for hosting and technical support. In particular, we gratefully acknowledged our company sponsors R3 GIS (Merano, Italy), GTER srl (Genova, Italy), Intevation Gmbh (Osnabrück, Germany), and the individuals Flavio Rigolon (Italy), Nobusuke Iwasaki (Japan), and Giuliano Urgeghe (Italy).

Developers and users that joined the event came from various countries like Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Sri Lanka, and Germany.

The Community Sprint focused on:

  • testing/bugfixing of the upcoming GRASS 7 version,
  • backporting new functionalities to the GRASS 6 version,
  • enhancing existing imagery and remote sensing related processing modules,
  • submission of new sophisticated algorithms for image processing, time series analysis and processing Earth gravity anomaly,
  • developing/refactoring and bugfixing several wxGUI’s components,
  • further development of the pygrass library,
  • translation improvements in Greek and Italian languages,
  • improving and maintaining of the GRASS Wiki’s structure and content,
  • testing/bugfixing related to related to Mac OS X, MS-Windows and Linux.

Long-term developers and power users had a chance to discuss about an integrated and interoperable meta-data mechanism that will ease off advanced analysis of geospatial data. Another topic was the mentoring of students for future work on desired remote sensing related features. Participants of the XIV Meeting degli Utenti Italiani Grass e Gfoss were provided with hands-on support for working with complex geospatial data.

For more detailed information, please visit the Wiki pages at GRASS GIS Community Sprint 2013 in Genova and Discussion at the GRASS GIS Community Sprint 2013 in Genova.


The Geographic Resources Analysis Support System, commonly referred to as GRASS GIS, is an Open Source Geographic Information System providing powerful raster, vector and geospatial processing capabilities in a single integrated software suite. GRASS includes tools for spatial modeling, visualization of raster and vector data, management and analysis of geospatial data, and the processing of satellite and aerial imagery. It also provides the capability to produce sophisticated presentation graphics and hardcopy maps. GRASS GIS has been translated into twenty languages and supports a huge array of data formats. It is distributed freely under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

GRASS GIS Development Team, February 2013