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Support the GRASS GIS Community Sprint 2011 - Donate now!


Support the GRASS GIS Community Sprint 2011!

Are you using GRASS GIS for your professional work?
Does GRASS help you to perform your spatial data analysis?
Want to give back?

### The event!

You are invited to support an upcoming event to make GRASS even better. At the \“GRASS Community Sprint 2011\” in Prague, a group of developers and users will meet to improve the software, manuals and web site. This meeting is open to all interested participants. Details of the GRASS Community Sprint 2011 at:


### How is the money used?

Based on sponsorship success, we plan to offer in kind support (food etc), and, if the budget allows, also partial travel grants may become possible. Here we plan to share the remaining funds in order to cover a percentage of travel costs for each participant.

While we are hoping to receive donations especially from companies which benefit from using GRASS, we certainly welcome small donations as well.

Please give back and donate now at http://grass.osgeo.org/donation.php

GRASS Development Team