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Results of the GRASS user questionnaire 2002


more info: Moritz Lennert - mlennert@club.worldonline.be

Total number of responses by May, 6, 2002: 62

Question Comments Results
What do you use Grass for (i.e. what type of work (land use management,satellite images, …) I encoded the area of work, if possible, but sometimes only type of work was given. to many diverse answers for synthesis
In what kind of production environment do you use Grass (university,private company, …) ? If home was given, but for work on academic project, I encoded university; home is only for strict home use. university : 37 private company : 10 government : 7
How many people use Grass in your environment ? If range was given I encoded maximum of range. If some used it “directly”, i.e. direct contact with grass environment, and some indirectly, i.e. access through customized gui or web mapping tool, I encoded total number of users, direct+indirect. 1 : 27 2 : 12 3-5 : 13 10-70 : 5 > 200 : 1
Which version of Grass do you use (i.e. 4.3, 5.0pre2, …) ? When 5.0x plus cvs was given, I encoded cvs. 4.x : 10 5.x : 46 cvs : 8
If you are not using 5.x, why not (not stable enough, old version too customized for personal purposes, etc) ? not enough answers
Do you use Grass “as is” or have you adapted it for your usage (i.e. modified/added modules and/or scripts) ? If scripts were only shell scripts to automatize some tasks (i.e only binding together existing modules) I encoded as “as is”; if in doubt, I encoded adapted. as is : 30 adapted : 29
Have you ever contributed to Grass code (C-code, scripts, others) or documentation ? I encoded actual contributions to central grass development (not local development without contribution to developers list or cvs) or documentation; I did not encoded intended contributions for the near future. yes : 14 no : 45
8) What are your wishes for the future of Grass (which new modules, gui, database management, etc) ? Functionalities mentioned mean that either that function is desired if it doesn’t exist, yet, or an improvement to that function is desired. vector : 17 database : 17 gui : 10 (+ others that could probably be interpreted as meaning a gui) documentation : 8 import/export : 6 easier map viewing : 6 integration with statistical packages : 5 easier (hardcopy) map creation : 5 others mentioned: fonts vector overlay functions don’t give up the command line datum support etc…