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GRASS 4.3 release info

GRASS 4.3 Release Information and Features

Released in 1999

Document updated in 2002 as GRASS 5.0.0 is released


What is this release about

GRASS 4.3 represents the most complete release of non-floating-point GRASS so essentially it is an “extension” of GRASS Our reasoning is to standardize the non-floating-point versions of GRASS and include as much functionlity as possible. Now, work is focusing exclusively on GRASS 5.x (floating-point GRASS) development.

So GRASS 4.3 is not floating point? Correct. It uses the same format data as all other 4.x releases.

What is different from my version 4.1, 4.2, etc.? GRASS 4.3 is functionaly the same, only with more modules and a whole lot of bugfixing.

What is the additional functionality? GRASS 4.3 contains over 365 different multi-function modules and the Tcl/Tk GRASS Windows Interface.

How about just releasing an update package for 4.3 We thought about this. However, with all the bugfixes, it is best to just completely update your version if you want all the functionality.

IS GRASS 4.3 fully supported? No, after the release of grass v 5.0.0, no official support exists for grass 4.3. Anyhow, feel free to ask the International GRASS users mailing list if you have problems using it.

So you would reccommend to update to GRASS 5.0? Yes, then you’ll get support, even more fixed bugs, floating point raster, NULL support, new modules, updated vector functionality, improved user interface, support of 122 projections, …

Are there any reasons at all to keep on using GRASS 4.3? In some cases yes. Some modules have not yet been ported to grass 5.0 As the user interface of some modules have changed and some modules have been combined or have changed names, scripts may break, anyhow the overall improved functionality of GRASS 5.0 will probably make it worth the work to update scripts.

Is it possible to have GRASS 4.3 and 5.x installed at the same work station Yes and no. The standard installation of GRASS 5.x is under /usr/local/grass5, whereas grass 4.3 goes to /usr/local/grass43 and the commands for staring them are grass5 and grass4, respectively but the data formats are incompatible, i. e. GRASS 5 reads GRASS 4 files and updates them to GRASS 5 format after which GRASS 4 cannot read them anymore. So, it is possible to:

  • Install GRASS 5 for testing without messing up an existing GRASS 4 installation. Just be sure to be using copies of the GRASS 4 workspaces (locations) for testing.
  • Use GRASS 4 and 5 as two separate producion lines on the same work station
  • Use some functionality in GRASS 4 for first stage processing and then import the coverage into GRASS 5 for the next stages

Where is GRASS 4.3 available? See the download section to get it.

GRASS 4.3 inprovements over 4.2.1 include:

  • Nearly 100 new raster, vector, sites, and imagery modules
  • Additional Projections supported
  • New Database tools
  • TclTk GRASS Windows Interface
  • Program enhancements and bugfixes


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