Competence Based Education


Centre for Continuing Education: 

                Indian Institute of Science,  is offering  Competence Based courses aimed, to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that, enable them to recognize and solve problems in their domain of study and future work

                     Competency-based education is defined as an instructional system in which a performance-based learning process is used. The learner demonstrates his/her level of attainment on subject-area. Intensive Competence Based course format, gives the participants to take more responsibility for their own learning process. Subject material for courses in Competence Based Education is offered in four different modes for the registered students: 
  • Downloadable mode:
  • Downloadable mode empowers to offer education in a dynamic form to students. Students can access lessons, assignments and submit their scripts online. They need not brood if they miss lessons - they can download their lesson notes and access archived lessons, tutorial sessions, lectures etc.   
  • Read only mode:
  • Students will be able to only read the course concepts, downloading or interaction  is unavailable.  
  • Classroom interaction:
  • The interactive learning provide an environment for students to talk and discuss freely about any related topics on line or off line.
    There are two ways of interaction:
    1. Xchat: Client Server Model that works with Internet Relay Chat Server Protocol, it allows servers to connect to each other effectively forming a network. Protocol is used by servers to talk to each other. Instructor and participants can talk with each other and discuss on related topic for stipulated time given by the instructor.
    2. Mailing-Group:  Participants can become member of Mailing-group by registering  their names in their group. Once approved by the instructor, participants can post their questions to this group ID.  This way Course instructor or any other participant can reply  to questions, that will be read by all the members in that group including the instructor.

  • Practice orientation:
  • Participants progress  through the curriculum by demonstrating their competence in a variety of skill and knowledge areas. Student who demonstrates a competency is showing the ability "to do" something  to put knowledge and principles into practice.  After completing all examinations, students are required to apply the course content in his or her work setting and submit an example of how they achieved this goal.  
                                     In all these modes of teaching , structuring of course is done to fuse all the three core components of competency like attitude behaviors, skills and knowledge.

Courses Offered:

Environmental Management

Municipal Solid Waste Management

Internet Protocols

Course Format: 
        The Course will be conducted in English. It will have  mixed format of lectures in Downloadable mode, Read only mode, Classroom interaction, Practice orientation.

        The classroom sessions will be held in CCE/CES, Lecture Hall.

Course Persons/Lecturers:
         Successful realization of Competence Based Education heavily depends on the teachers' contribution to the curriculum reform. Teachers involved here have wide scope from the lesson level to the level of curriculum development , and adapt  new role of coach of the students' learning processes. Faculties and course coordinators are from Indian Institute of Science.

Prof. P. Venkataram, ECE Department, IISc, Bangalore.
Prof. T. V. Ramachandra, Centre for Ecological Science, IISc, Bangalore.

              Applicants must submit a Curriculum Vitae and the application form that includes the following:

  • Description of their current work, if employed or their specialization.
  • An Outline of their individual project: specially skills they gain  in the course and
  • how it will be applied in a project that will be helpful in their future career.

           Along with the application the course fee has to be sent in the form of DD only. DD to be drawn in the favour of  ' Registrar, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore ', payable at Bangalore.

For Internet Protocols Course:

The CCE must receive all applications before   15th July 2004.
Successful applicants will be informed by  20th July 2004.

Application Forms:

Environmental Management 

Municipal Solid Waste Management

Internet Protocols

Send your application forms to:

Centre for Continuing Education,
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012, INDIA
Phone: 91 080 2932491, Fax: 91 080 3600911