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Internet Based Environmental Engineering Courses

Course Content
This course provides an overview of the key concepts and principles in environmental management, areas of global and national environmental concern, and strategies and tools for effective environmental management. Attempt to understand the genesis of environmental problems; the concerns that lead to various international and national initiatives to tackle them have been made in this course. Various tools, which can be used to address environmental problems and the role that the professionals can play in managing environment in their respective areas would be discussed.
Principles of Environmental Management.
Principles of Ecology, Environment & Environmental Management.
Municipal Solid Waste Management – Principle and case studies
Policies and Legal Aspect of Environmental Management.
Overview of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)); Preparation and Review of Environmental Impact Assessment Report..
Environmental Audit.
Life Cycle Assessment as EM Tool.
Environmental Management Systems Standards: ISO 14000 (EMS).
Related Issues in Environmental Management.
Environmental Design.
Environmental Economics.
Application of Geoinformatics (Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing) in Environmental Management.
Carrying capacity assessment
Each of the self-learning format versions of the course complies with high quality standards and includes a tutor's guide. A comprehensive list of references (and suggested reading) is provided at the end of each course to enable the learners to pursue relevant further reading. The methodology involved thorough course packaging (i.e., development, design and materials production).
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