Greenskill Development Program (Jointly with envis, MoEFCC & GOI):


Internet Based Environmental Engineering Courses

Course Schedule

  • Course material (is available in self learning format:
  • Class room briefing and introductory sessions at the beginning of the courses (5 days: During 3-8th September 2022 @ CCE Lecture Hall) followed by first term test (covering 5 chapters, on 8th Sept 2022, 2-5 PM).
  • October and November 2022: Interactive session through internet (web and email) for two months. The course will be active only as online study through Internet and interaction with course faculty by chat sessions, Internet discussion forums and e-mail. Participation in online test and assignments are mandatory.
  • November and December 2022: Announcement of dissertation and implementation by participations.
  • December 2022: Final Contact session (3-8 Dec 2022, interactive session, project presentations, guest lectures), Final exam (8th Dec 2022, 2-5 PM).

In all these modes of teaching, structuring of course is done to fuse all the three core components of competency like attitude behaviors, skills and knowledge.

Assignments: Assignment submission can be done through email:,

within the specified date.

Feedback: Participant who would like to have the feedback from the tutor can pose their queries in the discussion forum or through chat sessions or through e-mail or by post.

Tutors /Resource Persons: The tutors will act as catalysts, emphasized on participatory style of learning and providing ample scope for discussions, and the resource persons facilitate the learning process. Successful realization of Competence Based Education heavily depends on the teachers' contribution to the curriculum reform. Teachers involved here have wide scope from the lesson level to the level of curriculum development, and adapt new role of coach of the students' learning processes. Faculties and course coordinators are from Indian Institute of Science.

Venue: The classroom sessions and examinations will be held at CCE Lecture Hall (Next to IISc Students Hostel office), IISc, Bangalore-560012

Entry Requirements: In-service professionals (Post-graduates/ graduates with 1 year work experience), fresh graduates, PG course students are eligible for this course. Participants are expected to take part in all activities that form part of course in addition the participants should work on individual projects. During course, participants should compulsorily attend to interactive chat session, which is considered while grading. Participants should actively participate in the course for best results. A certificate along with grades will be given to all the successful participants.

Study schedule: Course would be completed within 4 months. Candidates are required to spend time in reading and carrying out the assignments. The number of weeks of study for a course, will of course, depend on candidate’s chosen rate of study. This allows sufficient time for study, submission and returns of assignments and also provides the opportunity for two courses to be taken parallel with in 4 months.

Reward of participation: Candidates will be graded as A+, A, B, C and D according to the performance from Centre for Continuing Education, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore-560012.

Levels of Evaluation: At concept level, after candidates go through each concept, will be evaluated online by randomly displaying multiple-choice questions. Each question carries some weightage of marks. Based on the test performance, system checks the number of correct answers and the performance is evaluated. At course level, after completing all the concepts, candidates are given final exam, which will be held at CCE. Concept level evaluation marks will also be considered for grading. Completion of a project is a partial requirement for the course. Apart from this, candidates will be assessed on the basis of assignment submission, active participation in chat sessions, contact sessions and quizzes, project report submission and presentation, mid term and final exams scoring. Facility to communicate among participants: Sharing experiences and establishing contacts is an important aspect of learning. Registered participants can contact other participants during contact sessions, in Internet discussion forum and chat sessions and through personal e-mail id, and also a Course e-mail id allotted by the coordinator.

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