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Date: Aug 17, 2022, 7:56 PM

From: TVR

Subject: Welcome to the EM2022 Group
Welcome to the EM2022 Group
Private group with guests
XX Session - Environment Management Course
How to participate
As a guest, you're invited to take part in group conversations, share the latest ideas saved in the group files and notebook, and manage group tasks.
Email the group
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Go to SharePoint
Discover documents and photos shared by group members in the dedicated site.
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Date: Aug 17, 8:15 PM

From: TVR

Subject: Environmental Management - Course material: Virtual Class Room
Dear All
The reference book - Environmental Management (e-version) is now made available to all registered participants of the course at
Then, you would get a screen (affixed below) - Available Course - CLICK on ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT COURSE
Then you will be prompted for login ID and Password
To access this portal, you need to have credentials
User NAME: enter your email ID (as per your application for registering the course) password: First name@EMcourse2022 (you need to enter your first name with first alphabet in 'upper case' or capital)
For example: candidate name : Michelle Maria Thomas,
mail address:
Then Candidates' email ID to be entered for 'user name'
User name:
password: Michelle@EMcourse2022 (note first letter in the name is 'upper case' and rest are lower case' and EM is Uppercase)
Please access and let us know in case you face any problem. Mr Manjunath, E Tutor would do the needful. Mr Manjunath's email is
Please learn in virtual world so that when we meet on 3 Sept to 8 Sept we will have a very interesting interactive sessions. Examination will be on 8th Sept afternoon (first five chapters - questions will have both objective and essay type ansers)
We will do the presentation of chapters during the session, and this would include interesting case studies
best wishes
PS: I have procured hard copies of the publication and you may buy the same when you arrive at Bangalore from Mr. Ravishankar Mishra

Date: Aug 20, 11:28 AM

From: TVR

Subject: Accommodation arrangements (3 to 8 Sept 2022)- outstation EM 2022 members
Dear all
As per the application (first list), we have made arrangements at Hoysala House (closer to IISc Main Gate - Behind IISc Main Library or Old Physics building, or closer to Canara Bank, Neasra Restaurant or Opposite to NMR centre) for the period 3 Sept to 8 Sept 2022. I have indicated (to the Guest house in-charge) that you may reach the guest house on 2 Sept evening and leave the guest house on 8 Sept evening or on 9 Sept morning). Please carry ID Proof - ID card (of your college/university/ organisation), AADhar and PAN copy (e-hard copy).
Phone number of the guest house is 080-2293 2535. The person in-charge at the guest house is Mr. Mahendra Babu M (cc'd to him) and his contact E Mail, mobile 9902437560). You need to make payment at the Guest house itself and Mr. Mahendra M will make arrangements to issue cash receipt toward the payment
Parul Choudhary Prince Gulati Harsh Yadav Tushar Kumar Anil Kumar Gupta Abhishek Thakur Sriraj Reddy Mohammad Firoz Samar Singh Richa Priya Nisith K Mondal Svetya Nair Vinay M Binder Singh Ganesh Ramesh Shinde Sourosree Lahiri Saritha Banda
As the classes will go up to 6 30 and begin at 8 30 am, it would be better to stay on the campus. In case any one else who have registered for the course requires an accommodation during 3 Sept to 8 Sept may write to me at so that will make arrangements for stay at the campus.
This mail has been sent to Hoysala Guest House and Mr. Mahendra babu will do the needful
best wishes

Date: Sep 4, 2:36 PM

From: Manjunath

Subject: Whatapp group invite Link
We have created a whatsapp group to keep you all updated, please use the link to join the group
If anyone is facing any problem feel free to drop a mail to

Thank you

Date: Sep 14, 12:39 PM

From: TVR

Subject: E sessions
Dear All
In continuation to my earlier mail, attached herewith the details of e-sessions scheduled to begin on 16 Sept
best wishes

Date: Sep 14, 5:26 PM

From: TVR

Subject: Please read this mail carefully - details for co-ordinate a session (assigned chapter) and take part in quiz/discussion
Subject: E sessions during Sept-November 2022
As you all are aware, we have announced the schedule to co-ordinate for chapter-wise discussion during Sept to Nov 2022.
Role of Co-ordinators
Initiate and co-ordinate discussion of assigned Chapter section-wise on the specified dates
Announce assignment – TEN Objective type questions (Google form/Etutor)
For this exercise, we have sent login credentials (which is different from course page). We have shared the 'username' and 'password' details, so that you can coordinate the E session for assigned chapter (please note that ‘login’ and password’ are different for co-ordinating a session).
Please login: )
Enter - Username: , Password:
(for each chapter co-ordinators, separate mail has been sent just now)
After logging into the Activities room, you have 2 options,
* Chat / Discussion: You can coordinate the discussions (Chapter wise discussions should be followed) – Discussion should start at 7 pm and take up the discussion chapter-wise
Then, you will announce QUIZ/ASSIGNMENT
* Quiz / Assignment: You are required to design "TEN" questions (OBJECTIVE TYPE) and sahare those questions with us (, so that we will post at the website. All participants (including co-ordinators) need to access the course page and answer questions during the specified period for a chapter.
Look forward to your active participation in e-sessions.
First session will be on 16th Sept, Friday at 7 pm. Co-ordinators of the first chapter will initiate discussion (after logging in as co-ordinator with the credentials given above)
As Participant
To take part in the discussion/ answer questions (as participant), you need to login to
Enter login and password (which you used earlier for accessing course material). Then you will be prompted to ‘activities’ page. Once you access activities page, you will see
Click -
Chat/Discussion: for taking part in the discussion of respective chapter
Quiz/Assignment: for choosing appropriate answers (MCQ) - objective type questions
Even co-ordinators need to answer questions in this section
Good Luck
E tutors

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